Emergency Services
We provided state of the art leak location equipment that can locate leaks in walls, ceilings, and under concrete slabs. Pin pointing leaks can save you time and money by minimizing repairs.

 Water leaking from ceiling?

Possible water pipe leak or drainage leak. 

What to do ?

Immediately turn off main water supply to house. Turn on outdoor hose faucet and downstairs faucets to relieve water pressure.
Call 661-297-1241 for rapid response service.

Clog Sink?

Most sink clogs are due to years of accumulation of hair and build up. Our trucks carry drain cleaning equipment capable of clearing any tough clog.
In addition to drain cleaning our trucks carry Hydro jetting equipment and video camera inspection equipment to further investigate cause of problem.
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What to do when main sewer line clogs?

Turn main water supply to house off. Do not run any water or flush any toilets.
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Water leaking under drive way or lawn area?

Water leak could be coming from main water line or main irrigation water line. Immediately turn off water at main valve. If having problems contact your water company provider to shut water meter off.


Our service trucks are stock with equipment to handle any plumbing problem
Drain Cleaning Machine’s

Any drain stoppage you have we have we can clean.

Hydro Jetter

Flush and clean clear kitchen drain lines and sewer lines.

Video Camera & Location Equipment

Visually inspect drainage for integrity. Pin point location of any drainage problem.

Leak Detection

Locate leak under concrete slab or drive way to minimize concrete repair work.

Other Services We Provided:
Trench-less sewer installments  Click Here
Rehabilitate existing sewer line with epoxy liner  Click Here

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Need to speak to a technican about a plumbing problem? 
Phone # 661-297-1241
We Specialize in Customer Satisfaction
Dear Rene
I am please to be able to provide you with a reference from the re-pipe you did at my house. Thanks for making it such a painless experience.

Moran Plumbing,
This letter to you is long over due, I say that because after you re-plumbed our home last March I wanted to Write and thank you for the wonderful job you had done..

Mr. Rene Moran
Wow, is about the first word that comes to mind with the repipe job your company did on our house, Your crew did an outstanding job..

Dear Rene
My wife and I wanted to express our sincere thanks for the tremendous job you and you team did on the Kitchen pipe of our house...
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