Water Heater Maintenance
Your water heater works hard every day. To insure proper function we recommend to flush and clean out your water heater once a year. By preforming this maintenance you will reduce the amount of lime build up in your water heater.
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Temperature & Pressure Relief Valve
Check the temperature and pressure relief valve for proper function every year. The temperature and pressure relief valve should be check for proper function to insure the water heater is in good working condition. The T&P valve ( Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve ) is a crucial because a water heater is a pressurized tank, and all tanks need a way to release pressure if it becomes too great. As water expands, it will increase the pressure in the tank. If something goes wrong and the tank overheats, the pressure could rupture the tank. To prevent this, the T&P valve monitors both water temperature ( 210 degrees maximum ) and tank pressure ( 150 psi maximum ) and opens if either goes too high.

Cold Water Shut Off Valve
Incoming cold water shut off valve to water heater should be check for proper function. In case of an emergency you can shut the water off to the water heater with out shutting down the whole house. To avoid water damage and emergency rates we recommend to check for proper function.

Hot & Cold Water Supply Lines
Hot and cold water supply lines should be visually check for signs of leaks. Every 6 to 8 years the hot and cold water supply lines should be replace to insure no water leaks or water damage. Most manufacture warranty of stainless steel braided supply lines are 8-10 years.

Temerature Adjustments
Adjust water heater temperature seasonally. Turn up the temperature in the winter and turn down the temperature in the summer. You can check the water temperature with a thermometer for a comfortable temperature for you and your family.

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